Record of Discussions of the Honouring Our Strengths: National Renewal Forum

We are pleased to share the Honouring Our Strengths: National Renewal Forum final report with participants and key renewal partners from across Canada.  As you may recall, the Honouring Our Strengths Forum took place January 24-26, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario. The forum brought together National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) and National Youth Solvent Abuse Program (NYSAP) partners from across Canada to highlight successes, promote collaboration, and identify key opportunities to renew and strengthen substance use-related services for First Nations people in Canada.

This final report stands as a record of the discussions that took place over the course of the 3-day National Renewal Forum, and includes both overviews of each regional presentation made as well as summaries of the discussions that took place during the World Café Sessions.

During the forum, many renewal activities currently taking place across Canada were discussed in relation to the Elements of Care and Supporting Components outlined in Honouring Our Strengths: A Renewed Framework to Address Substance Use Issues Among First Nations People in Canada. There were also discussions on how to maintain the momentum of NNADAP Renewal. What came from this conversation was an emphasis on communication, leadership, collaboration, and addressing neglected areas.

Below you will find the final report from the Honouring Our Strengths: National Renewal Forum:

Honouring Our Strengths National Renewal Forum – Report

On behalf of the national partners in renewal – Assembly of First Nations, National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation, and Health Canada, we would like to acknowledge your continued efforts to strengthen the services and supports available to First Nations. The findings from this report will guide the efforts of renewal partners at all levels of the system, including the national NNADAP/NYSAP Renewal Leadership Team, in order to ensure renewal implementation continues to be meaningful and relevant to First Nations.

Please feel free to share this report with your partner networks. For more information on the NNADAP/NYSAP Renewal Process, please feel free to visit either or


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