Leadership Team Meetings

Ottawa – September ‘10

Held in Ottawa, ON in September of 2010, The Leadership Team’s first meeting was a joint meeting with the First Nations Addictions Advisory Panel (FNAAP), in which leadership of the process transitioned from FNAAP (responsible for guiding the development of the framework) to the Leadership Team (responsible for guiding the implementation of the framework). The focus of this meet was on reviewing a draft of the renewed program framework, and discussing confirmation activities with communities and partners.

Toronto – February ‘11

The third meeting of the NNADAP Renewal Leadership Team took place in Toronto, ON in February of 2011. The Leadership Team developed a strategic planning approach to implementing the Framework, wanting to make sure that opportunities would be included to support change management processes at all levels. Meeting discussions also focused on a variety of issues including the “Moving Forward” approach needed for renewed framework document and identifying how the framework could work with and promote the National Treatment Strategy.

Ottawa – September ‘11

The fourth NNADAP Renewal Leadership Team meeting was held in Ottawa. The team reviewed the framework implementation (as per its workplan) to confirm team engagement on implementation activities, and also discussed recent First Nations substance use and abuse-related information and priorities. Initial planning for the Renewal National Forum (scheduled for January 2012) took place. In addition, The Leadership Team heard from two divisions of Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health branch, both presenting some preliminary findings on recent work relating to NNADAP renewal priorities.


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