Community Engagement

Community engagement is at the core of the NNADAP Renewal Process. Through a variety of mechanisms, including this website, we are inviting your feedback on the steps necessary to renew, enhance and validate First Nations addiction services. Other forms of community and representative engagement include:

  • Research activities (focus groups/talking circles, interviews, surveys, etc.) carried out through the Regional Needs Assessments, NNADAP Research Papers, and NNADAP Renewal National Forum; and
  • Feedback on research papers and draft versions of the Framework solicited through both e-mail and the NNADAP Renewal website.

The NNADAP Renewal Process includes several mechanisms to access the knowledge, wisdom and experience of community members, service providers, and others on how to best move forward within program renewal. Engagement with the field is at the core of this process and will be necessary to develop, shape and refine the renewed vision for NNADAP services throughout the process. This continued engagement will not only help to enrich the outputs of this process but will also help to ensure the Renewal process will be practical and will help to inform the work of NNADAP workers, administrators, advocates and policy makers.