About the Panel

The First Nations Addictions Advisory Panel (FNAAP) was a time-limited body of community, regional and national mental health and addiction representatives tasked with developing a National Program Framework for NNADAP. The Panel included members of the AFN’s Public Health Advisory Committee, and was supplemented by addictions researchers, health professionals, Elders and First Nations community representatives. In addition to being tasked with developing a National Framework, the Panel also supported Health Canada Regions and their First Nations partners in completing their regional needs assessments. FNAAP’s Mandate was: to contribute to the development of a renewed national framework to ensure the provision of culturally-appropriate and effective addictions services to First Nations in the coming years. Guiding Values of the Panel Integrity: The outcomes of the FNAAP will be morally sound within the context of an Indigenous World View Respect: Value for traditional Indigenous knowledge and western knowledge shall be respected as relevant and appropriate evidence for the renewal of NNADAP Collaboration: Consultation and communication with the NNADAP field must be consistent and balanced with the work of the FNAAP so as to facilitate collaborative implementation of the renewed NNADAP system. Choice: the work of the FNAAP shall nurture choice towards a renewed NNADAP system that honors inherent strengths while identifying the best available evidence and informed practices.

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