Implementation Strategy

The following workplan was developed based on guidance from the NNADAP Renewal Leadership Team and in accordance with Honouring Our Strengths: A Renewed Framework to Address Substance Use Issues Among First Nations People in Canada. It identifies key implementation activities for the 2011/12 fiscal year (March ’11 to April ’12), and outlines potential activities for the 2012/12 fiscal year, which will be enhanced and revised as implementation proceeds. The activities described below will be supported and jointly managed by the NNADAP Renewal National partners – AFN, NNAPF, and Health Canada, in consultation the Leadership Team and relevant service providers, organizations and partners. Moreover, additional projects linked to implementation may also be taken on by AFN, NNAPF, and Health Canada, which are not listed here due to their preliminary nature; these inlcude but are not limited to: a review of capital investments in NNADAP centres, a cost/benefit analysis of treatment vs. related harms, and the implementation of a national information management system for NNADAP/NYSAP treatment centres. Moving Forward – Workplan 2011-2012 (PDF)

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