NNADAP Renewal Framework

The NNADAP Renewal Process is designed to create a strategic vision to guide the planning and delivery of on-reserve addiction services over the next 5 to 10 years. The Renewal Process engages First Nations communities, service providers, representative organizations and other key stakeholders. This initiative is supported by funds from the Government of Canada’s National Anti-Drug Strategy (NADS) and will be completed in 2011. The Renewed Program Framework for NNADAP will be developed by the First Nations Addictions Advisory Panel (FNAAP)) in 2011. In addition to the deliberations of the FNAAP, the National Program Framework will consider the following sources of information:

  • Regional Needs Assessments;
  • NNADAP Renewal National Forum Report;
  • Research documents;
  • NNADAP Research Papers;
  • Submissions on the NNADAP Renewal website (e.g., blog posts and document reviews);
  • Previous evaluations of NNADAP, including the 1998 NNADAP Review; and
  • Previously completed regional needs assessments.

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